Streamwood High School Counseling

  • School Profile

    Download a copy of our 2022-2023 school profile here. The school profile explains a little more about who Streamwood High School is, and is included with all transcripts sent to colleges.

    School Code

    Streamwood High School's ACT / ETS Code is 144038

    Login Information

    How to use U-46 Computers (network login), Infinite Campus for students or parents, and students' U-46 Google/Gmail Account to keep up with your academics. For Naviance, log into your student Google account, then open Clever and click on the Naviance icon.


    U-46 has moved to Naviance for our career and college planning, college search, resources, scholarship resources, transcript requests, and all the other elements of career and college planning. It is accessible to all students through their Google account through Clever. For a short, downloadable overview of Naviance, click here. For current students to quickly request a copy of their transcript click here.

    College Admission Terms

    You've heard of "Early Admission," "Early Decision," etc. But what do those terms actually mean? Click on this link to learn about the different admission options.

     A.V.I.D. (Advancement Via Individual Determination)

    Your school counselors at Streamwood work closely with the AVID program! For more information on AVID, click here.