• Specialized Student Services


    The Streamwood High School, Specialized Student Services department recognizes each student as a unique learner.  We provide services that promote a supportive environment in which our students can develop academic, social, emotional, vocational, and life skills. Our goal is for all students to be self-aware, self-advocating and independent learners.

    The services that students receive are written in their IEP or 504 plan, and are designed to facilitate academic performance and progress. The student’s case manager implements and evaluates the plan, with the assistance from the teachers, parents, academic counselors, and other staff.  The case manager also serves as the contact person for parents/guardians and other faculty. 

    The case manager may assist students and parents in a vareity of ways. These include, but are not limited to:

    • Reviewing respective IEP goals with each student periodically throughout the school year.
    • Instructing students in organizational, study, and test-taking skills.
    • Assisting students in applying skills to their actual daily course work and homework assignments.
    • Working with students to gain an understanding of their learning strengths and weaknesses.
    • Providing strategies to improve students' ability to cope with academic, social, organization, and behavioral challanges. 
    • Helping students understand the accommodations written in their IEP and assist them in accessing those accommodations.