• Positive Behavior Intervention & Supports (PBIS) at Century Oaks

    The aim of PBIS (Positive Behavior Interventions and Supports) is to provide positive, predictable, and supportive school-wide social and academic environments for all students

    We have the following PBIS components in place:

    • Clear school rules (We are Safe. We Are Respectful. We are Responsible.)
    • On-going teaching of the school rules
    • Recognition system for appropriate behavior
    • Clear system for handling behavioral errors

    PBIS is a system established to create a safe and positive learning environment for all students.  All people (kids and adults) do better when they clearly know and understand what is expected of them and have the ability or skills to achieve those expectations.  It is aimed at promoting prevention by teaching and encouraging social competence in all students.  Because it is preventative in nature it: aims to reduce the number of students who are at-risk of learning and behavioral problems and it reduces the intensity, frequency, and complexity of problem behaviors.

    At Century Oaks we have developed clear expectations for all students.

    They are: Be Safe; Be Respectful; Be Responsible. These expectations are defined for each area of our building.  (See the Century Oaks Behavior Matrix below.) Classroom teachers define how these expectations look in the classrooms and are actively and regularly taught by all staff.  Expectations are worded in a positive (as opposed to negative) manner. 

    PBIS emphasizes the importance of teachingTelling kids what not to do does not teach them what to do.

    Stating expectations in a positive manner is the beginning of teaching them what to do. 

    Behavioral expectations are taught to all students and a system is in place to identify students who have difficulty (academically or behaviorally).

    Three Positive Referrals

    Team members collaborate to identify the needs of those students who are struggling (academically or behaviorally). Interventions are created and implemented according to student need. Thus, the premise is that all students need to be taught what is expected and if they are not meeting expectations they need to be taught certain skills to help them be successful. All students are considered within the context of his/her individual strengths and weaknesses. PBIS provides a full continuum of support (behavioral and academic) to all students and their families.

    Families can implement PBIS at home as well.

    Brainstorm with your kids what it would look like to be: respectful, responsible, ready, and safe in your home.

    Make a chart and post it.

    Recognize and acknowledge your children when they are behaving in the desired manner.

    For example, “Thank you for being responsible and putting your toys away” or “That was very respectful of you to remember to say thank you”.  Remember, kids tend to give us behavior consistent with what we focus on most-do you want that to be negative or positive? 

    Century Oaks Behavior Matrix 

    ***All of these Badges are to honor the work we have done at all three levels of PBIS for School Year 2020-2021.

    20-21 Tier 1 Badges

    20-21 Tier 2 Badges

    20-21 Tier 3 Badges