• construction How to Provide a Live/Recorded Math Lesson

    (This page is currently under development.  Please check back for more updates)

  • 💻  Tools to use:

    Zoom (40-minute max)

    Google Meet (60-minute max)

    Loom (no minute max)

    Screencastify (5-minute max)

    Canvas Recording  (20-minute max)

    Flipgrid (10-minute max)


    (free versions of all programs)

  •  🎦 If you want to:

    Share your screen and show students how to do something


    Zoom, Google Meet, Screencastify or Loom

    Play a video inside of your recorded direct instruction



    Record a lesson and be able to pause and restart the recording during your work


    Screencastify, Loom, or Zoom

    Record something outside/away from the computer



    Record something and have students make video responses


    Flipgrid, Canvas (only your webcam)

  • Want to write on paper or show a book?   Record from your phone or tablet!

    School laptops have a camera that is in a selfie mode!  Writing will appear backward!


     Prop the phone above you to see paper or a book

    Prop the phone in front of you want to read a book or write on a board

     cans    tripod   

     phone1    phone2

     Place the phone within a stack of cans or on a tripod

     Place the phone within binder clips or in a slot cut into a cup

    Record a short video.  Then you can upload it to a larger presentation or share it on your platform.

    If you want to write during a live session, join the call with your phone, and share screens from the phone. 


  • Want to write on your screen?   Use a program listed above to share and/or record your screen

     Have a worksheet or page to annotate?

     Want a blank page? 


      Open it in Kami and write directly on the page


      Try using Paint 3D
      (already on your computer, in the start menu)

      or scribble within Google Draw 



  • Want to share a program screen?


       Display PowerPoint or Google Slides
       with the lesson content already typed up



    Teacher created powerpoints are in the Eureka Teacher Corner

    unifix   Virtual Manipulatives can be displayed to support your instruction. 


      Simulations can also be used to support instruction




  • ❗  Reminder 

    Live sessions should be recorded for students to access if they were unable to attend.

    All links and videos should be posted on your platform (Canvas or Google Classroom)