• High School Math Distance Learning Suggestions

    (This page is currently under development.  Please check back for more updates)


    Suggested time per day - 45 minutes


    District adopted online resources:  Discovery, Pearson, College Board, Sapling

    Access textbooks through CLEVER

  • Discovery Techbook

    Helpful E-Learning areas:

    Notes, videos, and summaries in the Practice tab - Additional Resources

    disc 1

    Practice Tab - Practice Questions 

    • Coach provides feedback and extra support to students
    • Play assesses students’ understanding

    disc 2

    Investigations and Content Summaries in the Discover tab 

     disc 3


  • Weekly Problem Solving

    Example:  Ice Cream Scoopsice cream

    In shops with lots of ice-cream flavors there are many different flavor combinations, even with only a 2-scoop cone.  With 1 ice-cream flavor there is 1 kind of 2-scoop ice cream, but with 2 flavors there are 3 possible combinations (eg vanilla/vanilla, chocolate/chocolate, and vanilla/chocolate).

    How many kinds of 2-scoop cones are there with 10 flavors?  How many in n flavors?

    Create a poster that represents your thinking.



    3 Act Tasks -



    https://www.mathalicious.com/  (some tasks are free, sign up for a free 30 day trial)